This weekend David and I are flying over to Perth for a wedding. All up we will be away for around 24 hours.
We are both first time flyers.
We are leaving Ryley and Braeden for the first time at home with my parents. Braeden has never been cared for overnight by anyone. He isn't really who I am worried about.
Ryley had overnight stays with my parents heaps when he was younger.
But not since he started the Ketogenic Diet. Not since he is now PEG fed.
Anyone guess what I am worried the most about?

Not the fact that I am personally not-at-all a fan of the thought of flying.
No. Says she who prefers to drive around the countryside in order to avoid being in a plane.

Yeah. You all know me too well.
I am most worried about leaving the kids behind.
What if the plane crashes for goodness sake?
I have taught my parents and my sister how to do the PEG feeds. I have even taught one of my best friends as a back up to the back up plan.
I will write out an instruction manual (no joke, it will actually be a manual by the time I am finished).
So there will not be a single preparation stone left unturned.

So someone tell me why I still feel worried?
I have told David that he might have to go on his own.
He told me to stop being stupid.

Guess he will have to drug me and take me to the airport in his suitcase then.


  1. Oh Anna - I can totally relate! I HATE flying and worry about the plane crashing too - so maybe I should just shut up and tell you everything will be fine.

    I'm sure the boys will be fine. I hope you can relax enough to actually ENJOY the time away.

  2. @Alison-Glad I am not the only one who thinks about the plane crashing. I have just finished writing my instruction manual. It is seriously about 6 pages long. The boys will have a ball I have no doubt about that. Me? Enjoy myself? Well now that will be pushing it!!!!!

  3. Oh you have my sympathies!! It is so, so hard. The guilt at just leaving is enough, let alone what you are dealing with, writing your manual for Ryley's feeds. But you know what.... The anticipation and lead-up of the trip (of leaving) will probably be worse than the actual event. Please do go, don't back out. Give yourself this time to have a nice little vacation. Your parents must surely know what is involved with PEG feeds? They would have seen you do it, or otherwise understand what happens - what I'm saying is, they have still offered (or at least, accepted your request!) to look after the boys, so they are confident that they can do it. Trust them. It'll all be fine xxoo You are such a good mummy for being so worried! But trust them ;)

  4. have a wonderful time! I am sure the boys will be in great hands. :)

  5. @Kirrily-Thankyou! You are right, the build up will be the worst bit. The trip will probably go far too quickly! Thank you so much for your words. They are exactly what I needed to hear!
    @Kristy- Thanks xox

  6. I'm sending positive thoughts your way for both you and the boys. Have fun!

  7. Hey Anna,
    the plane will get you there and back I promise, the boys will be absolutely fine! I'm sure your mum (and back up people :-)) will do a fine job with feeds and looking after the boys.
    I think it's pretty natural for you to feel guilty and worried though, I would be like that too. Just make yourself feel as prepared as you can - and everyone as prepared as they need be and then ..... go. Try and relax and enjoy the time you have alone with your husband. How long since you've had time away - never? You guys surely deserve 24 hours - so get rid of the guilt. See it as your time (together)

    I hope you both have a wonderful time, can't wait to hear about it and I truly hope that you can relax and enjoy some well deserved time together. I'll be thinking of you. XX

  8. Aw we leave a manual for Jacob too every time we go away, what he can eat, for his meds, how to make his formula, how many bottles he needs etc etc I can so relate. I also have a fear of flying but I am sure you will have a great time, you will worry the whole time, but you can find peace knowing they are with people who love them dearly :) all my love, Bec

  9. had to laugh at Davids comment! so practical and honest.
    Anna I think all those feelings are normal and it's normal for your brain to try and process it all and by the time you go it will all be sorted in your mind and you will be able to go and enjoy yourself please :) love bron

  10. @Jen- I am still nervous and worried, but feeling less so now. I will try and relax. I promise xox
    @Bec-Thanks for your reassuring words. I will worry the whole time, but part of that is just who I am anyway!! xxo
    @Bron-Yeah David just tends to shut me down because sometimes I just need to be told!!! You're right. My brain does just need to have everything processed xxx


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