How did Ryley's sleep study go? XL

Gee you have a good memory! It all went really really well!! No sleep apnoea episodes, oxygen levels all good and heart rate excellent too. So no need for further investigation!! Very very happy about that too.
He still doesn't sleep that well, but at least we know that it's not due to his snoring or lack of oxygen!
Good question!!!!!

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  1. *broken internet not allowing me to post*
    Segev had 85 episodes of apnea in four hours, up to 30 seconds in duration so good news, one less worry for you.

  2. @Eric-My goodness! Poor Segev. We are VERY grateful that Ryley's poor sleeping isn't because of apnoea episodes.

  3. No way, my memory is terrible! I just remember the big stuff mostly. So glad to hear all went well and especially that there's no apnea!! phewww!! XL


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