Little Brothers and Bloods

Ryley had to have his bloods done today. You all know how much I hate having to do these.
The older Ryley gets, the worse he is.
He just is so much bigger now, and so much more able to fight me.
He had to have 6 vials taken today. Fasting bloods too of course.

Enter: Clown Braeden.
Clearly this little 3 year old has spent too much time at the RCH.
He decided the only way to help Ryley through this was to act as silly as possible. He knows that Ryley loves it when he 'accidently' trips over and falls to the ground. He knows that Ryley finds it hilarious to watch him bumping into things. So guess what he did?

It truly helped Ryley while he was having most of the blood in his body taken out.

Braeden's reward?
A barcode sticker.

Well, he was excited about it anyway.
(Ryley thought they were daft).


  1. I love this! great job Braeden xo Pep also facies the barcode sticker from when she holds my hand during bloods xo

  2. What an awesome brother. Sibling love is an incredible thing!

  3. How cool is Braeden? Ehat a lovely thing to do for Ryley. And what is is with kids a stickers? Was it stuck to his clothes hand or forehead? Or is it just my child who puts them on her forehead?

  4. Can I steal Braeden when I need to get my blood drawn? I could always use a good laugh! haha!

    High five for awesome siblings!


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