So much to do

This week I have felt as though I have been floating. Almost a bit like I have been walking next to myself trying to push my body along.
Braeden has been quite sick this week with a weird gastro bug. Which has meant that I have spent every night this week with barely any sleep. He even went a whole 24 hour period without eating or drinking, although I did manage to get some breastmilk into him. He is now making his way through a packet of icy poles, but hey, anything to rehydrate him right?
Braeden being sick is a whole new experience really. It has been a long time (well 3 years, so not THAT long) since we have had to try and coax fluids into someone. One of the great advantages of Ryley having a PEG is that when he is sick, we can still pump fluids and feeds through. When he has gastro, we can at least keep him hydrated because we can slip little tiny syringes of fluids straight into that tummy of his.
Can't do that with Braeden.

Anyway, he seems a bit better today.

It really is hard to juggle the whole work versus sick child thing hey? David and I played tag team this week with work. We never take days off for ourselves if we are sick. We can't. We have to save them up for when our kids are sick. I guess that is what most people have to do though.

At least the weekend is meant to be nice. That means time out in my garden which has been neglected this week. On the plus side though, there are two massive zucchini's which I will stuff. And my squashes have gone crazy again too. Nothing like a bit of neglect to make things grow!!!


  1. We've been cursed with illness round here too, and thank goodness for breastmilk! It's hard to be sick and keep parenting on no sleep. I feel like I need a day off!

    Get well soon!

  2. I hope he's feeling better and that he doesn't share it with all of you.

    Yes, working and parenting are an interesting mix. I am not looking forward to juggling it this winter!

  3. @Selene-Thank goodness for breastmilk indeed! Not sure what I will do once Braeden finally weans himself. Cross that bridge when I get to it I guess. Hope you are all well again soon!
    @Alison- I am definitely dreading winter this year too. I am the one who shared it with him. One of the many bonuses of working with families with young kids :S.

  4. Hope Braeden feels better soon and you get some rest! Thinking of you!

  5. Poor Braeden, Hope he is feeling better and hope you get some sleep soon :)

  6. @Hilary, @Angela- Thanks ladies. Braeden is on the mend, although my body say NO! to no sleep, so am feeling crap. But will be fine! xx


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