School Holidays

Today, Ryley started Holiday Program for the very.first.time.
Who was nervous?
Who was worried about how Ryley would go?
Why on earth did I waste my energy being worried?
Who knows.

The agency I work for runs recreational activities and they also run a holiday program. I really only found out all about it recently (keep in mind I have worked here for nearly 7 years). Part of me thinks I wasn't really ready to send Ryley to things like a holiday program, so I probably didn't really pursue the information. And I admit, part of me felt a bit guilty for even considering sending him to a holiday program.

Well, now I have learnt.

Ryley basically ran in and sat himself down and started playing. Before I even could say goodbye. There were people who already knew him (I swear he knows more people than me), and he was so excited to not be spending the day with boring old mum or dad.

He has two days each week where he gets to play with his mates, make new ones, and do fun stuff.

I am guessing he won't want to come home!!

The thing I find the hardest is trusting people to look after him. The PEG thing is usually what scares people away, when really, it is so easy to do. I guess I am not used to people who WANT to hang out with Ryley and take care of him and spend time with him.
I have to admit, it sure is nice (for both Ryley and me!!).

So school holidays have just taken on a whole new meaning...NO STRESS woohoo!!!!


  1. Excellent news. Sounds like he is going to have a great time.

    I hope you all have lots of fun on the holidays. The no stress thing for you sounds wonderful!

  2. Anna that is wonderful news! i really hope it continues to be positive for all involved. The thought about it would scare me too! but often the expectation is more scary than the reality! :)

  3. So glad to hear Ryley likes holiday program. Cailtin loves it too! She was only going part time but loved it so much she goes full time while I am working. Her holiday program goes on an excursion every day so this is espeically exciting for her as it means she gets to go on the bus every day.

    Shaz x


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