Footy Day

Today is footy day at school today. Ryley absolutely LOVES dressing up in his footy gear. Nice to see him a little happier today too. He has been very grizzly and unhappy lately, and I haven't been able to work out why. I think maybe it's because he has a cold and it is the end of term and he is just tired.
He has been not wanting to go on the bus, which is very unusual for him.
It is times like this I WISH that he could talk.

In amongst all of this Braeden has fully toilet trained himself. I do still put a nappy on overnight, but I don't need to. He wakes up and goes to the toilet if he needs to, and always goes first thing in the morning. It is a little messy at times because he insists on emptying his potty himself. BUT, I am amazed it has been so quick and easy.

So here are some pics I took this morning!

The boys both deciding whether to smile for me or not
Ryley, decides to pull faces
Braeden decides to smile


  1. What cuties - I hope he has a great time at Footy Day (that is obviously a VIctorian thing - we don't have that up here!).

  2. Gorgeous Photos!!! & Gorgeous Boys xxx


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