Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The adventurous Sultana

Braeden came in on Saturday morning while I was still in bed and our conversation went a little like this:

B: "Mum, sultana in nose"
A: "What? You have a sultana in your nose?"
B: "Yes" (with a very solemn nodd of his head)
A: "Don't be silly, why would you have sultana up your nose"
B: "MUM!" (points to his nose) "Sultana"
A: "Brae-den" (sighs, looks up his nose, can't really see anything)

At this point, I wonder if he is telling me the truth, and tell David to get a torch and the tweezers, just in case.

David looks up his nose and sees nothing.
I take another look and send the tweezers in because I did see something which may have resembled a sultana.
With a bit of squirming from Braeden and marvellous surgical techniques from me, lo and behold, out comes a rather large sultana.

A: "Oh Braeden...we NEVER put sultanas or anything else up our noses ok"
B:  (with a grave face) "Yes. Mum. Sultanas. NOOOO"

Cue Ryley's outburst of giggles.


  1. Very Very funny Anna!!! Love that Ryley found it amusing too

  2. When I saw the title of your post I wondered where it was the sultana had gone for its adventure. Glad you were able to extract it easily!


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