Rain Rain Glorious Rain!

Can't get out to the washing line
Vegie Garden area is looking a bit wet
Big puddle right around

As you can see, our yard has some rather large puddles at the moment! It has been raining here since last night now and it has been non-stop. Something to celebrate really considering our drought ridden town!
David has been out working already this morning and is expecting to be called out again any time. He has some amazing photos of roads that have been washed away!

If we didn't all have colds and coughs, we would SO be out there splashing in the puddles!!!


  1. Enjoy your rain. I hope it keeps the drought away for a long time to come!

  2. Sorry to hear you're all poorly, hope you're better now?

    I'm glad you're blessing the rain! I am quite tired of it..... am almost ashamed to say (sorry!)

  3. We are all better now-well almost!

    I have to admit too that I am over the rain since that post. I am craving warm sunshine!!


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