I am still here in blogging world...just.
I know I said I wouldn't have too long of a break, but, well, clearly I am.

Think I might change the blog around a bit. Might inspire me to write again.

A quick update:
  • Ryley's ratio on his Keto diet has been increased to 2.5:1. This is a miniscule change, because he has always been on 2.25:1. But it has certainly made a difference to him. We are seeing less seizures again and more bubbly happy Ryley.
  • Braeden is testing every boundary known to humans. Funny, crazy, and frustrating all round. He did draw a picture of David the other night. I kid you not, he even gave him fingers on his hands. How amazing to watch neurotypical development unfold. I sit in awe of him.
  • Braeden and Ryley just keep on loving each other (with lots of wrestles and fighting thrown in). I don't ever get tired of watching them both zooming around the house on their little trikes. I can see that Braeden will be talking for Ryley in the very near future.
  • House renovations are so close to be finished (well not the bathroom-that isn't even started yet!). We are starting to the get the flooring all done now. Which means I can then move my house around and clean it properly for the first time in years!!
  • It is STILL cold as cold. It seems like it is never going to warm up ever again. Every now and then I get a smell of spring in the air. And then it rains.
  • Finally, I am getting motivated to start running and riding my bike again. Yay!


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