No School Monday

Ryley had a day off yesterday. Given that he also had Friday off to go to the RCH, he was pretty happy to head back to school today!

I haven't put any pictures up here for a while, so I thought I might put some up. Ryley is just developing so much at the moment. It seems he is having a real spurt. He is behaving himself and happy most of the time and it just so nice to see.
Braeden on the other hand...well...let's just say that is currently The Toddler versus The Stinking, Stupid, Mean Mum at the moment. Most days he can be found screaming blue murder because I have told him No. Or he will be screaming blue murder because he doesn't want my help, but he can't do whatever it is he is trying to do.
It is obviously very hard for him as he tries to be completely independent, yet still needs a bit of help. Plus he just can't regulate his emotions that well yet, so he spend a fair bit of time in a crying state.
But anyway.
We are all desperate for some warmer weather. It is just icy here at the moment. We are loving the rain though, it looks like our drought might finally be starting to break. This is our best rain in 13 years!!! So that is something to be very happy about!

Yes, they are riding their bikes in the house. No, I'm not worried given the fact that that is concrete and not our nice new tiles that are not yet laid..!
They are loving given each other cuddles lately.
Braeden hiding up on the couch and Ryley trying to catch him!


  1. Love the photos. They look so happy.

  2. Beautiful photos Anna - especially the boys hugging.
    Hope you've been managing to entertain them ok on these rainy days, as much as I love the rain, it's been a bit of a struggle here - come on spring!.

  3. Love the cuddle photo!

    Yay for all your rain and an end to the drought - I am pretty ready for winter to be over too.

  4. Rain is indeed an under-appreciated blessing.

    Heh. Your description of toddler behavior exactly fits teen behavior. You are warned. ;)


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