The Insurance Scheme

I have just had my first planning meeting, and let me list how I felt throughout:

It started with another assessment that focused on the negatives. I must admit, it's been a while since I have had to be reminded of all the things Ryley can't do.
And then of course there was there were questions like this:
So, how often do you go out without your children? Once a week? More? Less?
I am certain I pulled a face and laughed.
Let's say once or twice a YEAR. If that. Oh hang on. Does that include work?

I am hopeful though. I do feel as though Ryley will be allocated a fair chunk of funding. Which will mean he can move towards greater independence (and more time with peers and not his boring annoying parents). So I am excited for that.

For long time readers of this blog, you will know that I lobbied for these changes to the disability support schemes. But I grew tired. Exhausted actually, with always have to raise awareness and 'fight' some bureaucratic system. I opted out.

But as we step into these changes, I am confident it will deliver better outcomes for people living with a disability. It will hopefully offer more choice, and a freedom that has previously not been available. I am certain it will provide more supports for families. My only hope is that these will be quality supports. Not just thrown together, money-grabbing organisations or businesses that take advantage of people who are vulnerable.
Time will tell.

I will continue to share our experiences.


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