Dear Ryley

Dear Ryley,

Every year we celebrate each birthday milestone, and somewhere, somehow we breath a little sigh of relief that we have made it through another year.

You are 11!! Where oh where has that time gone?
Each year I can't help but remember that moment when I first laid eyes on you. The instant I saw you I knew you were perfect, I fell in love with your whole being, which is why it was so difficult when the doctors started pointing out things that were 'wrong'. I have no doubt some would call it denial, but I refused to look at you as if you were anything less than perfect.
And you know what?
I have never thought any differently about you.
You are perfect to me (and your Dad and your little brother).

I see your frustrations.
I see your sadness sometimes.
I see your acceptance.

I see you Ryley, for who you are; for you are a beautiful kind soul, who loves unconditionally and continues to teach us about what that truly means.

What do I hope for you this year? I hope that this year we can continue to help you become independent. I hope we can listen better to you, and really hear you.
I hope that above all, you are happy.

We love you so so much. We are incredibly proud of you and look forward to another year.
Very pleased with his new ipod


  1. He is so adorable -- happy, happy birthday to your guy and happy birth day to you!

  2. Happy Happy Happy 11th Birthday Ryley!! I hope this year is an amazing one!


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