I want to take a moment to express my absolute gratitude for all of my friends and family who have voted, shared and joined the Vote 4 Elliott group on Facebook.
This whole experience has been amazing.
This is life changing for Liv and Elliott.
I think that every person who has been part of this has taken something really special away with them.
Helping each other, even perfect strangers is not hard.
It can be as simple as the click of a button on the computer.
It can be as simple as a smile.
It is as simple as love.

There is more to come for Liv and Elliott, of that I am sure.

And I believe, that for everyone who has been a part of this, there is something inside of them that has changed.


  1. This is amazing! I am so excited for them! Thank you so much for sharing the story with us. You are a great friend.

    1. Isn't it just awesome! I just knew we could do this!

  2. That's great news. I hope they enjoy the new car.

    1. Thanks E. It is life changing for them! I can't wait to see what colour they choose!


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