The Great Outdoors

The fact is, my kids are outdoors kids.
Being cooped up inside when it is too hot equals a day of complaining, 'that noise', and awful behaviour.
Actually, chilling out is not really in Ryley's vocabulary, unless he is really tired, or sick, or a bit overwhelmed.
So, I decided to do something about it, and do some things that I normally wouldn't do without David with me.

We went camping.

Yes, you read right.
As in, the great outdoors, a tent, sleeping bags and PEG feeds.

And we had an awesome time!!!
It did help that we were camping in our best mates tent with her and her girls.
It did help that we were at the beach and there was plenty of stuff to do.

Despite the fact that Ryley didn't really sleep, and PEG feeding in the outdoors is not entirely straightforward, we managed it all quite well.

We headed off again this week!
We went over to South Australia (Penola region) to stay at a friends house.
It was great, but the kids didn't sleep again, so I had two grumpy kids to deal with.

We have also managed to get to the Halls Gap Zoo, been playing at the park and swimming.

I don't have many photos, because I just haven't had time to take any.
If you follow me on Instagram, there are a few there!

Hard to believe the holidays are nearly over (which means my baby starts school *sniff*).

This was taken with Braeden's camera
Braeden took this photo of  Ryley heading into the tent


  1. Sounds like a great holiday Anna!

    1. It was great Alison. Probably one of our best ever!

  2. You are a Rockstar mom! I love that you took the boys camping. What wonderful memories you are making. I am happy you had fun. I hope you all get rested soon.

    1. We have definitely caught the camping bug now worse than ever before! It was a challenge, but well worth it!


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