Dear Braeden

Dearest Braeden,

Here we are at your 5th birthday already! Some days I just look at you and wonder where all that time has gone. From the moment I cradled you in my arms I knew you were going to be bring a light to our lives that we could never have dreamed possible.
Every day you wake with a smile and an incredible lust for life.
I have watched as you have grown into this amazing young man, who is so compassionate and understanding, it puts most adults to shame. You have an insight into life that many people spend a lifetime searching for.

Braeden, you have such a sense of humour! I love that about you.
I will never get sick of you asking me questions, even if I can't answer some of them (for example, I can't tell you who decided that red means stop, but I will see if I can find out!).

I love that you love to come for a run with me, and that you love bike riding and horses. These are some of my favourite things too, and I know we can share these activities for years to come!
You love helping your Dad around the farm too, you already know how to build a fence, as well as lots of things about sheep. Not forgetting how much you love fishing and how much fun you and Dad have when you head off together after tea.

This year is your first year at school and I know how excited you are. I know you are going to have fun at school and I can't wait to be challenged by more questions from you.

Your Dad and I love you so very much and are incredibly proud of what a gorgeous young man you are growing up to be. We look forward to watching you grow and change this year.

Lots of Love to you our beautiful boy xxo


  1. A very happy birthday Braeden...may it be the best day ever. It's a special day you share with my Adam who is 27 is good!


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