'Tis the season (to pack my angry eyes)

I have lost the ole' Christmas spirit a little this week. Let me make some dot points as to why:

  • Going out to shops and all (yes all) the disabled parking spots are taken by people without a permit.
  • People in shops who have no respect for others.
  • People in shops who walk into you, literally shove you with their trolleys, and who think it is ok to scream at their kids for daring to touch a toy.
  • People who are working in shops-seriously your rudeness does not make me feel sorry for you.
  • People in general.
Have I ever mentioned I am not a people person?

My first dot point is the thing that gets to me the most.
I simply cannot understand why able-bodied people can't walk an extra 10-20 metres or so. 
Sigh sigh sigh.

I have actually now pretty much finished my christmas shopping now though which is good.
I have 1 and 1/2 days left of work for the year.

Ryley has no glasses.
Braeden has just eaten a red icy-pole before bedtime.

'Tis the season...


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