A pony for christmas

My boys got a pony for Christmas.
For real.
My sister gave it to them.
Talk about spoilt!!!
So now we have a new addition to the farm.
His name is Scotchy and is he one cool horse. Although he seems to think it is ok for horses to be inside houses. Hmmmm. I have news for him!

We also went yabbying this weekend.
It was great fun!
This is a picture of Braeden and his new friend Spike.
Spike travelled around in a cup for most of the day.
He did make it back to the dam safe and sound though!

My brother Jacob is over in Australia from Latvia at the moment and the kids have been loving having him around. Ryley hasn't seen him in 6 years and this is Braeden's first time meeting him!
It has been great having him here!

My blogging is taking a massive backseat at the moment due to so much happening. My littlest brother Bede is getting married next weekend, so we are so very busy. I am still going to attempt a least 12 days of posting...!!
PS. Comments have been turned off the blog due to the high levels of spam I have been getting. 
You can always comment on the FB page if you want to, and I will look at adjusting it again when I time. 


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