Oh Seizures, can you please F off?

I haven't really felt like blogging lately.
Not that I don't have oodles of interesting stuff to say (all my lovely readers know that of course).
Life, as usual, gets in the way.

Yesterday Ryley had what we think was another complex partial seizure.
15 minutes long.
Repetitive gagging this time, with vomiting beforehand again.
We didn't call an ambulance.
We didn't administer the midaz.


Well, to be honest, we just didn't know what the right course of action was.

That's the thing about seizures.
Sometimes it is better to just do nothing and see what happens.
Although others may disagree (you know, doctors and other medical people...).
But we know Ryley better than anyone else.
And we are well and truly trained in how to manage epilepsy.

Ryley responded a couple of times via eye contact during the seizure, so we felt he was ok.
We figured all the ambos would do would be administer oxygen and possibly the midaz.
And we actually felt he didn't need either.
But by the 10 minute mark we did actually decide to call the ambulance, but then he started to respond a bit, so we decided not to.


He came to and he went to sleep all while having constant myoclonic seizures.
Thankfully we can administer meds and his ketogenic meal through the PEG.

This morning he woke up full of beans as though nothing had happened.

Seizures are something we deal with on a daily basis.
Ryley is always going to have them.
But sometimes, I really just wish they would fuck off.


  1. Yes - nothing else to say really - wish they would leave your boy alone :(

  2. If I may, I would like to add spasticity, contractures and hyperventilation combined with huge lodged globs of mucus to the "fuck off list." All this makes you want to stretch out in on a hammock, in a breeze, with a big bottle of vodka for at least 10 minutes!

    1. Yes you may add those things to the list. Imagine those 10 minutes of peace. How good would that be...oops back to reality.

  3. Well said! Sending love your way.

  4. Bugger Bugger Bugger.... I hate them... the dreaded S word... Elllie has been somewhat ... Actually I am not going to even finishs that sentence in case I jinx ourselves... and yes those seizures should just "Eff off" xx


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