What do you do?

When you are out and about and see a person with a disability what do you do?
What is the first thing that pops into your head?
Do you quickly look away, avoid eye contact and walk just that little bit quicker?
Or do you stare at them?
Do you feel sorry for them, or sorry for their carers?
Do you assume that they are stupid?
Do you assume that they can't do anything for themselves?
Do you assume that they are happy to be there?

Perhaps you make eye contact and smile. Even say Hello.
Perhaps you are afraid to say or do something 'wrong'.

Do you even notice people who are different?

I do.
And I smile and nod if they happen to make eye contact.
Just as I would do with anybody that came my way.

What do you do?


  1. Look and think, 'I don't understand you'.

  2. Same - smile and nod. Say hi if appropriate.

  3. Most of the above still. For a tiny brief moment. And then nod, and smile if they make eye contact. And my heart swells with love.

  4. Only for the past 12 years do we go up, try to engage, touch, smile and acknowledge that we share a treasure in common. Prior to Adam's disabling accident, I would have probably looked away and been scared to engage. After you have walked in these shoes, contortion, spasticity, being non-verbal just seem a part of the continuum of life. Having a disabled kid changes it all...it's hard to really blame people when you were once like them. I suppose it's helpful if we engage others first and make them comfortable with our own...Despite this great insight, it still pisses me off when people trea Adam as if he's invisible.


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