It has nearly been a month since we had rain here. I am starting to go crazy with this heat.
I have a friggin' head cold (again!) which I am not happy about. I only just got rid of the last one.
Ryley is starting to get a bit stuffy too and Braeden is just sound asleep.
The heat is getting to us.
I want rain for my garden.
I promise not to complain about the Ballarat cold ever again (well...probably shouldn't promise that!).

Tomorrow we are off to the RCH for a day of appointments.
First time at the new one which will be weird.
I don't know my way around this one with my eyes closed.
Fingers crossed we can increase the ratio of the Ketogenic Diet or increase meds or something.
Ryley really is just not himself, and I hope it is just because he has grown and stuff needs adjusting.


  1. I feel rain coming and better days ahead...wishful thinking can often produce realities; at least that's what I keep telling myself.

    1. I keep telling myself that all the time too Phil!

  2. Sydney has had all your rain. Happy to send it your way - we're over it!!

    1. We finally have some now. And I do think some of it has come from Sydney??

  3. Good luck with the appointments. Thinking of you and the boys.

    1. Thanks Hilary. We had an awfully long day at the hospital on Monday, with not exactly awesome results.

  4. You asked for it!!
    Was great wasn't it? I'm the same as you. Hate heat and humidity. Crave rain.
    Hope the RCH hospital appointments went well. XXXX

    1. Haha! Yeah I did ask for it huh? Am loving it though!! We are so alike it is scary!!


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