I hate busy

That title needs to be said in the voice of Grumpy Smurf by the way.

We are so busy at the moment. I have somehow got a glimpse into what life is going to be like in the years to come. Fitting in stuff after school is just hard work.
I have therefore decided that Braeden will not be allowed to participate in any after school activities ever.
That may be a little harsh.
Perhaps I just need to work on my organisation skills (or something).

Life just keeps plodding along.
Ryley's behaviour at home is getting worse.
So is the frequency of his seizures.
I am tipping there is a link there.
Bring on Monday is all I can say. His neuro is going to have to figure it out for us.

Braeden has decided he is going to play footy (much to his Dad's delight).
He is currently wearing his footy jumper as much as possible.
And yes, I do know it is summer.
He was playing footy with his balloon this morning.
A couple of days ago this balloon was actually his baby brother/sister who went with him everywhere.
Imagination. Yeah this kid has some of that.

Other than that we have a billion corn plants growing and kale coming out of our ears.
Looks like I will be inventing some recipes soon!!


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