The inbetween blog post

So obviously I am going to write a wonderful reflective post about the year that has been and the hopes for 2012.
But right now,here is the inbetween post.
The one where I say how awesome our christmas was and how much fun we are having on our holidays so far.
Kids are relaxed and so are we.

Of course no holiday period would be complete without the obligatory trip to the doctor now would it? I mean, someone has to keep those medical practitioners busy.
Le sigh.

The kids have this really weird itchy blotchy feral looking rash on them.
I had no real idea what it is.
According to the doctor they have a "viral type allergic reaction rash that could be anything, but should clear up within a week".
Well now.
How super helpful was THAT diagnosis?

A bit of claryntyne and some extra stuff for Braeden's ezcema and it should all be fine and dandy.

I guess the good bit is that we didn't actually pay. The kind doctor decided that while he was bulk billing one, he might as well bulk bill the other.
Just as well really, because to be honest, I could probably have told him it was some kind of viral weird rash thingy that will get better soon. Ha!


Here are some pics of the kids. Fishing is one of the main activities for our holidays so far. I actually ate Eel today. Never mind the fact that I totally freaked out when David and Braeden brought them home last night. I pretty much couldn't be in the same room actually.
But Braeden convinced me to give it a try. So I did. Tastes alright actually.
Those slippery little things that look like snakes still freak me out though.


  1. I had that weird hives/virus rash thing recently too! Just took a 5 day course of claratyne and it went away.

    Looks like you're having a nice relaxing break. I could never have eaten the eel though!

  2. Ah, a new year is coming; things will slowly get better as life becomes less hectic. The holidays are never a holiday from our's better when things are consistent, regular and predictable. Blessings for the new year!!!!

  3. Great pics! I hope you all continue to enjoy your break.

  4. Alison- How weird is it? Part of the rash looks exactly like hives, the other part looks like a rash. They are both vomiting today, so not sure about that, must be the viral bit too. Good to know it does clear up though. The eel tasted really good, but I don't think I would have tasted it if Braeden hadn't 'made' me!!
    Phil- I agree, things are better with routine! We have already invented a holiday routine. We are going to start the year with a positive view that things will be all good next year. Let's hope so! Blessings to you too for 2012!
    Hilary-Thankyou xox


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