People watching

I love people watching. Me and Ryley are similar like that. I would happily sit with a coffee and just observe people.
Today I did that.
I had to catch a train down to Melbourne to pick up my parents old car (as we are currently without a second car and kinda need one), and then another train back out of the city.
To be perfectly honest, I found it very peaceful.
I was on my own of course.
Hence the reason for the peacefulness.

But I actually got to just observe people.
And it can be quite funny at times.
I love to just watch their non-verbal behaviour, their body language.
Quite often though, I find myself getting sucked into their sadness.
That is when I have to walk away.
I often have the urge to just butt in and give them the solution.
But I may get my head punched in. And then I am no good to anyone.

Ryley loves people. Always has.
One of his favourite thing to do is just watch people walking past.
I can't wait until I have his new stroller because guess what me and him are going to do?
Yep catch a train to Melbourne and watch people for a while.

Small things ey?

Oh and before I go.

Random Braeden comment #1052: "That bowl is spinning like how the World does"
Me back to him: "Yes and did you know that the world takes a whole year to orbit around the sun?"
Braeden: "Yes"
Me: "Okaaaay then"

He will be smarter than me by the time he starts school.


  1. It's absolutely amazing how one can tune into the energy of other people simply by watching. It must be a skill we develop in knowing what our kids need without them having to say....happy watching!

  2. I love people watching. Only... I make up silly conversations that they are having. I'm a cheap date ;)

  3. I love the Braeden comment!! Toller will often start to ask me a question then stop half-way into it and say, "Forget it I'm going to ask dad!" That always makes me feel super smart! ha

    I also love people watching. That is one of the things I miss most about living in NY. The people watching there was many people, so many cultures, so much diversity. I loved it!

  4. Same here, and same with Elliott! I think sometimes people think i'm cruel or weird for letting Elliott sit in his pram (facing away from me) that i've strategically parked in the front window of a cafe. Of course they don't know that he can't walk or talk, or that i'm not actually mean and horrible but they also don't know that he is doing one of his most favourite of things- people watching or car/tram/bus/truck/bicycle watching.
    The fact is Anna, your boys are AWESOME! Love you all!

  5. Phil- You are so right!! I think I always had the skill to some extent, but having Ryley sure has taught me how to read people at a level I never dreamed I could. Love that you put it into words for me!
    Kristen- When I was at uni I used to kill time between lectures at the local shopping centre creating storylines with the people I was observing. Somewhere I have it all written down still. Must find them!
    Hilary- One day I would love to go to NY. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to people watch there!
    Liv- When me and Ryles come to hang out in Melbz to watch people, you and Elliott can come too. I would actually love to watch those two as they people watch!!


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