My overweight child

For those of you on Facebook, you would have seen my status update during the week about my overweight child.
I was CELEBRATING the fact that my Ryley is officially on the calorie knockdown.
My gorgeous WHS child (pictured below) is having his calories cut by 9% because he is a little too tubby.
I am SO PROUD right now!!
Don't forget he is on a high-fat diet (Ketogenic Diet), so he was always going to put on weight. But it is actually music to my ears to not have to worry about him being seen as 'failure to thrive'.

I hate the term 'failure to thrive'. It seems to imply and accuse you of not adequately feeding your child.
Sometimes, just maybe, that child is just meant to be small. Because of his genetic makeup. Not because you aren't feeding him.
And no, I am not bitter at all.
Not much anyway...!

Aside from that, Ryley is busy recovering still. He is still on antibiotics for the umpteenth time. He is exhausted at the end of the day. But generally pretty happy (when he isn't grumpy, or fighting with Braeden).
I am busy finalising things for the conference.
Spring is on it's way.
Oh. Sorry.
Spring is here in almost everywhere except Ballarat. I have heard it will arrive this weekend though.

Here are some pics of my boys. Ryley is obviously impressed. Braeden is being Braeden. Don't look at the mess in the background. Or the curtains that need fixing.


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  2. Segev, at age 11 and a half started the ketogenic diet weighing 19 kgs. In two months he gained 3 kilos. After twelve months he weighed 32 kgs. I can't even look at the pictures anymore of him before the diet, just embarrassed even though nutrition wise he was getting what he needed. A lot of kids lose weight on the ketogenic diet so it's great that Ryley has adjusted well to it.

  3. I would love to put a few more pounds (kilos for not U.S.' ers) on my son, Adam. Spasticity burns calories like running a marathon. I am so happy that Ryley is doing well...a few kilos can always be lost some day. Kids look absolutely handsome...a great tribute to a great mum. Warm wishes... It's ok to get grumpy...happens to us all, especially me.

  4. So glad to hear he's doing so well! I've heard other people also say that the term "failure to thrive" makes them feel like bad parents. Maybe doctors need to find a new term for it...

    Spring there, but we're getting our first glimpse of fall this weekend! :-)

  5. You know the best thing about those photos? Knowing I'm not the only one with curtains like that!!!

  6. Eric- I have to say when I look back at pictures of Ryley before the KD, I can't believe I didn't notice how awful he looked. I think it was Braeden who pointed it out-how big Ryley's head was and how tiny his body was. But he too was getting adequate nutrition. WHS kids are typically small. I often wish we had got a PEG earlier. But we didn't believe it was neccessary.
    Phil- It is sometimes a difficult balance I find. Weight can be lost in the blink of an eye. But we used to work so hard to put it on-like you, so to have to lose some of it...great...but hard to get my mind around sometimes!
    Becca- I am very much ready for the change in weather here!! I hate the term FTT. But I do think sometimes professionals use it without thinking about the impact it may be having. Could be said about a lot of terms though!
    Alison- LOL!! Good to know it isn't just me too!!!!

  7. Anna - That is AWESOME!!!! News. I'm about to write a post about nutrition etc now. Just have to wrap my head around my thoughts. Come check it out... I'm hoping to post it on some whs / g / peg - tube places for people who need a little help.

    But maybe you should write it ;)

    Love the status. Love that you are writing. Love the happiness in your voice.

  8. Great news!!! Love it! The boys are adorable. I can't believe how old they are getting.


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