Can haz something finished.

So we all know Blogger has issues this week.
I will blame them for my lack of posts. Ok?
Actually, I wouldn't have had time really anyway. I am currently busy organising our major fundraising event for the WHS conference. So, I will plug it at some stage here on the blog. But if you follow BlogaboutaBloke on FB you would have already seen me plug it.

But this post is about the most amazing thing in the world.
Well, maybe not the most exciting thing (it's not about someone coming in and cleaning my house for me), but it is close enough.
We have actually finished some of our renovations.

Now don't all fall over.
I know.
It is fairly unbelievable.
But, it's true.

A little while ago we decided to start yet another project to add to the list of about 100 projects we have going at the moment.
We decided to tear our front study apart and make it into Ryley's room.
That way, the kids could start spending more time in their own spaces rather than annoying us having to be around us.

Ryley picked the colours he wanted his room to be and we think he picked rather well.
It is all completely insulated and newly plastered, painted and carpeted. We did everything ourselves except for the carpet, we had a 'carpet man' come to lay that (much to Braeden's delight, he got to have someone else to ask Why).

So here are some photos.
We think we will one day seriously go into buying and renovating houses.
We just need a few hundred thousand. So if anyone has anything spare like that in their pockets, be sure to send it our way ok?!!!

Ryley making sure he can still see what is going on in the street.

Yep. Just kicking back.

I put this one in for those that know about orbs. Coloured ones are angels right? Doesn't suprise me.


  1. Can I use that excuse as to why I haven't blogged for I don't know a month maybe?? LOL
    Ryley's room looks gorgeous. Stellar job on his color choices.
    Love the pic of him looking out the window. We've given Liam the front bedroom because he HAS to know what's going on as well. He's a regular Mrs Mangle.

  2. Yay to finished renovations. Ryley's room looks great. I have no $$$ but I have a house that is desperately in need of a makeover...

  3. Love the room! Nice job picking the color Ryley!!

  4. wow Ryley's room looks great.Well done in finishing it off.
    Here is a link to show you the meaning of coloured orbs.

    Luv Julesxxx

  5. Kylee-Hurry up and post! I miss your posts! Ryley is also a Mrs Mangle. All the neighbours know he watches them too!!
    Alison-If you lived closer we would definitely give you a hand!! We ran out of $$$ ages ago, which is why it is taking so long to finish everything!!
    Hilary- Thanks!! At first we thought the darker blue might have been too bright. But it is perfect!
    Jules- That info is really interesting. I have never seen a coloured orb in any of our pics, but lately there seems to be heaps of orbs in the photos I am taking. Maybe it is just my camera. I remember reading somewhere once that the coloured orbs are angels. I am going to go do some googling now. What colour would you say it was? I hope not yellow-going by that website it means caution. Eek.

  6. I'm thinking it looks more like a golden colour.

    Jules xx


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