Blast from the past

If you double click on it, it should open in another page and you can see it better!

I know this will be hard to see, but this is my Ryley, aged around 2 and 1/2 years old when he had just started daycare.
How tiny is he???!!!
Despite the fact he has really only been a 'big' kid for a couple of years, I forget how he was always one of the really tiny WHS kids.
So the daycare must have found it somewhere hidden away and gave it to me this morning when I dropped Braeden off.
He didn't mind being in his standing frame when he was at daycare, but when it came to him being in one at home, he hated it!
He still has a Kelly Chair similar to the one in the bottom right picture, only it is a bigger one. He uses it at school.

I know I am bias.
But geez he is a little cutie!!


  1. Thanks Alison and Angela! I think so too LOL!!

  2. Ohhhh Riley was so young! He is such a big boy now! I love the pictures. Too cute!!


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