Sometimes living in Ballarat just sucks.
I mean, is it really that difficult to ring and order Ketocal. Yes, I understand you "have never heard of it". Yes, I understand you have never heard of the Ketogenic diet. Yes, I do need the Ketocal. It is how my son stays alive. As in, it is his food.
Given that out of nowhere the procedure for ordering Ketocal has changed, with no warning or explanation other than-"oh it's on the PBS now so you have to order it yourself"; and given that the prescription I was sent didn't even have the doctors details on it (therefore looking like I had written it myself), why on earth did I expect the hospital pharmacy to even look half interested in helping me?
Not only did the woman look at me like I was an alien (and true, I do look strange, just ask one of the local paediatricians!), but she screwed up her and nose at me and said "Oh no. We don't order things like that". Good. Well. Ok then.
So I went to my normal pharmacy, who are usually pretty good. And on their part, they weren't as patronising and condescending as the hospital. But still, I had to explain, what the formula was for, and that no there was no other child in town on the KD, that this was a special order blah blah blah blah.

Anyways, as it turns out neurology department have phoned me (I think they think I am dodging something-why I would want to write my own prescription for Ketocal is anyone's guess) and asked me how I got the prescription and who wrote it and when I answered that they said "well it doesn't look like his writing". Well THAT ISN'T MY PROBLEM.
So little Miss pissed off here is going to phone her dietician- who she actually likes very much-and query as to WHY THE F&^K this is so hard now?????

Rant over.
As if I am not stressed enough.
Now I have to jump through hoops to get Ryley's tucker. COME ON PEOPLE get your act together.

Rant really over now.


  1. Oh, Anna! I know just how you feel. A few months ago Izzy got into my diaper bad, unscrewed the "child safety seal" on one of Norrah's perscriptions and dumped it all over the floor. A FULL BOTTLE. The pharmacy (who already thinks that we seel medicine on the black market because we always run out before the refil is due) had to call our insurance company and request a new one. It was a rollercoaster. So sorry for the stress. Hopefully you have some relaxing days ahead of you.

  2. That is a load of crap. I am so sick of doctor's and pharmacists and their collusion and crookedness.....Can I get it from the RCH or something? Not this time because I am not driving, but in the future???

  3. How frustrating! I can't believe your pharmacy wouldn't even try and order it in for you! Ashlea's formula is also special order but I am lucky that our pharmacy just looks at our weird prescriptions and then works out a way to get it.


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