Another weekend

You know when you are really looking forward to a weekend..there is going to be warm weather, you have things planned to get done, you have a party to go to, and good friends to visit...then you get sick. As in, stay-in-bed, not-able-to-get-up sick. Well that is pretty much what happened this weekend. Not only was I sick, but the boys we up both nights coughing, Ryley vomited Friday night...

I am hoping that we have now gotten over all of our yuck viruses and can now be fit and healthy for our trip away (I can only hope anyway!).
At least David got our fence and gates up. I think nearly all our neighbours have told him what a good job he has done and it isn't even finished yet! It does look great though. Now to put the razor wire up...Just joking!

I can report that I have finalised all of our accommodation for our trip finally. So that is one weight off my mind. Now I just need to get the car serviced, new tires and organise what we are taking..easy..right?!

Weather watch: 29 in Brisbane today! That is so going to feel like 39 to us!
I better dig all the shorts out I guess!


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