Sheep are cute, sheep are beaut, sheep are something curly...

"and when I take them into town I have to get up early, 'cos they never go the way I want, so I need some one to help me..I just give a whistle, and I call for Bob the Kelpie.."
Anyone else remember the song that Don Spencer sang? Or is it just me?!
They boys have had a most excellent weekend and especially enjoyed being out at Nanna and Poppa's out at Amphi. We helped bring a mob of sheep in from the paddocks to be locked up to be shawn the next day and both the boys took on the role of helpers.
Ryley jumped on the motorbike with Dad and was in his element as they rode over the hills. Braeden decided to just chase them.
Both the kids loved the lambs and each had turns patting them and trying to catch them.
I have only put a few photos on here. I will put more on my Facebook page.

Being outside sure does make for tired kids!!


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