The Little Things

Most days I am amazed by my children and the things that they have achieved during that day. Every night before they go to bed, I tell them how proud I am of them and how great it was that they did xyz that day. Then I tell them that I love them and we have lots of kisses and cuddles and the boys always 'headbutt' each other to say goodnight.

After school in the afternoon we have slipped into the routine of afternoon tea until 4pm, then playtime until 5pm. Tonight we were practising our ball skills seeing as Ryley chose to play with the ball (it is one of his MOST favourite things to do!). Braeden happily was putting a ball in a basketball hoop and Ryley and I played catch.
Only Ryley was actually catching the ball! This has been something we have been practising for YEARS! You can imagine the joy in my heart to see him able to do something that so many people take for granted. So often I hear people saying how they would like to appreciate the small things in life. Not many have the privilidge to actually be able to truly find joy and delight in the 'little things'. To see Ryley tonight achieving another milestone was one of the highlights of my day. Not only that but he absolutely loved pretending he was a bus driver as he led me around the house. SUCH GOOD FUN!!

Poor little Braeden has been battling with his teeth the last few days. Today he just sobbed his little heart out the whole way to daycare. He didn't even want any of his breastmilk before he went. His eye teeth have just cut through up the top and he was just miserable. He did enjoy himself once I left (typical!me crying as I drove away, and he was enjoying a book apparently), but it just upset me so much. His latest achievement is that he can sign as well as say 'Stop', 'More', 'Duck', 'Monkey', 'crocodile' and 'elephant'. Pretty cool really. We are working hard to teach him both the Makaton Signs as well as the word. So he will always be able to communicate with Ryley and other non-verbal children.

I really am such a lucky person. Despite the often very hard times, I am still always able to find something to smile about at the end of the day. We have such relatively short lives and I can't understand people who don't take the time to appreciate the things they have right in front of them.


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