Fluffy fluff fluff

Those that know me very very very well, will know that this is my absolute favourite movie of all time (and Wuthering Heights too).
I pretty much know the movie word for word.
I have pretty much been waiting for years for it to come out on DVD as my well loved VCR copy really was just not the same.
So given that it came out today, guess what I went out and bought??
Braeden is currently glued to it.
Ryley never really liked it that much (how disappointed was I??!).
So now all my hopes are focussed on Braeden.
He better love it as much as me.
Bad luck I guess if he doesn't. Because guess what we are watching on repeat from now on???

There are SO many great lines in the movie:
"Cheaters never prosper" (why thankyou for your wise words Zazu)
"Hakuna Matata-it means no worries, for the rest of your days" (Oh if only you were right Timon and Pumbaa).
"Hippity Hop all the way to the birdy boiler" (Oh you hyenas...gimme one of those boilers please)

You get my drift.


  1. Better not tell you about the time I complained about it being shown in a Drs office... :-)

    Glad you finally get to own it on DVD, and that at least one of your boys shares the love.


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