Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Tis the season (to pack my angry eyes)

I have lost the ole' Christmas spirit a little this week. Let me make some dot points as to why:

  • Going out to shops and all (yes all) the disabled parking spots are taken by people without a permit.
  • People in shops who have no respect for others.
  • People in shops who walk into you, literally shove you with their trolleys, and who think it is ok to scream at their kids for daring to touch a toy.
  • People who are working in shops-seriously your rudeness does not make me feel sorry for you.
  • People in general.
Have I ever mentioned I am not a people person?

My first dot point is the thing that gets to me the most.
I simply cannot understand why able-bodied people can't walk an extra 10-20 metres or so. 
Sigh sigh sigh.

I have actually now pretty much finished my christmas shopping now though which is good.
I have 1 and 1/2 days left of work for the year.

Ryley has no glasses.
Braeden has just eaten a red icy-pole before bedtime.

'Tis the season...

Friday, December 14, 2012

It's the little things

Sorry it is hard to see.
But Ryley got this from one of his friends at school.
I cried.
I did.
Tears of joy.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A pony for christmas

My boys got a pony for Christmas.
For real.
My sister gave it to them.
Talk about spoilt!!!
So now we have a new addition to the farm.
His name is Scotchy and is he one cool horse. Although he seems to think it is ok for horses to be inside houses. Hmmmm. I have news for him!

We also went yabbying this weekend.
It was great fun!
This is a picture of Braeden and his new friend Spike.
Spike travelled around in a cup for most of the day.
He did make it back to the dam safe and sound though!

My brother Jacob is over in Australia from Latvia at the moment and the kids have been loving having him around. Ryley hasn't seen him in 6 years and this is Braeden's first time meeting him!
It has been great having him here!

My blogging is taking a massive backseat at the moment due to so much happening. My littlest brother Bede is getting married next weekend, so we are so very busy. I am still going to attempt a least 12 days of posting...!!
PS. Comments have been turned off the blog due to the high levels of spam I have been getting. 
You can always comment on the FB page if you want to, and I will look at adjusting it again when I time. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend weirdness and other such tales

I was all set to write a woe-is-me post this morning (seeing as I don't have to be thankful anymore), but now I really just can't seem to write it.
I think the month of being thankful has stuck in my mindset, and I can't help but counter every negative thought with a positive one.
That is pretty awesome actually.

The woe-is-me post was mainly going to be about how I have a cold, and the weather is cold, and I have a zillion things to do today and I feel like doing none of them.

Anyway, so instead, I have made a list, already crossed some things off (the ones that don't involve me going anywhere), have decided to make some shortbreads (because they taste good), and decided that having a cold (and being cold) gives me an excuse to have a nice warm cup of tea. Aaah. That feels better.

This weekend will have to go down as one of the weirdest.
For those not privy to the latest news from Sebastopol, you will have missed the fact that we experienced one of the strangest and scariest storms on Friday night.
It was literally a hail and wind storm that was so bad that it smashed Braeden's window (narrowly missing a sleeping Braeden), it stripped the paint from the side of the house, it damaged our car and utterly destroyed my beautiful fruit trees and vegie garden.
We actually survived it pretty well, others in the area had trees crashing on their houses and cars.
It was like a mini-hurricane blew through a narrow band of our town.

Here are some pictures:
Braeden's window from the outside

My poor lemon tree

Plums everywhere

My once thriving tomato plants

My destroyed loganberries and kiwfruits

Ryley had a wonderful time at his friend from schools birthday party on Sunday. Ryley doesn't really get invited to birthday parties (although, he has been invited to 2 school parties now this year!), so it was really nice to be able to go and for him to hang out with a couple of his friends.
I absolutely loved watching how the kids communicate with him (and how he communicates back) even though he is completely non-verbal.

The other thing I really noticed was the fact that he really is a 10-nearly-11 year old boy. He is that age in his mind and I need to remember that more sometimes. Ryley realises his limitations, but it is not cool to have Mum hanging around. But in saying that, he made sure I was close by!!

We also put our Christmas tree up. But I will save those photos for another post. So many photo fails it was hilarious and what I have come to expect from our Christmas tree decorating traditions.


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