Sunday, January 30, 2011

A mini-break

It is finally coming up to the last week of school holidays, and I am looking forward to school going back. These holidays haven't been as bad as usual (I even braved places like the Fairy Park and Werribee Zoo on my own with just the kids), but I am craving routine, and I know my kids are as well. There is something very comforting about the routines of the school year.
Does that make me sad?
I keep reading and hearing about how much people have enjoyed their holidays with their kids and how they never want them to end, and I just kind of shrink back and smile pathetically (or is that sympathetically?) and move far far away (to my happy place).
Ryley is ready to be with his mates again.
He is over his parents and little brother. Especially since the little brother has assumed the position of Ryley's voice, and therefore, much to Ryley's amusement, talking for him, picking his clothes, and assigning toys.
Bit like a PA really.
Braeden will work out soon enough that Ryley should be paying him good dollars for all his hard work. The outfit he picked out today was just gawjus darlink.  And entirely inappropriate for a 40 degree day.
So cute, it brought a tear to my eye.
They are such good mates.

I decided to surprise David on Friday with a weekend away to Portland. Not one of the romantic kind.
Oh no.
One that contained fishing, beach, exploring stuff, um...beach, fishing, exploring stuff...and...fighting, whinging kids!
How could you resist?
We did have an ok time, despite the lack of entertainment for the kids.
They got sick of chasing seagulls. Bored of fishing (not that I can blame them, I get annoyed when I don't catch anything, especially when I can see the bloomin' things swimming around and eating my bait).
They then got bored of the beach and refused to go in the water.
Even finding shells lost it's appeal.
I did pick up a crab only to remember how allergic I am to them (one stinging face later). Much to the amusement of my husband.

We did end up catching a few fish though which meant Braeden drew fish all the way home in his sketchbook. Ryley caught the first fish so that made him very proud, plus he walked miles on the sand without any assistance, so that made ME proud. Braeden loved the petrified forest and spent a few minutes trying to work out what it was.

So this week we have a gastroenterology appointment, school interview and then....SCHOOL back on Friday. Then it's Ryley's birthday on Saturday. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Waiting patiently at this stage

Hold it like this Ryley

Good catch Ryley! Lucky that one didn't get's so BIG

Ryley wandering on his own

Braeden and Meerkat pondering the petrified forest

Mmmm whiting.

Just hanging out with Mum

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We are loving eating our garden at the moment. Squash, potatoes, chives, parsley and plums.
I am more inspired than ever to grow, grow grow and spend less at the grocery store. We have also started doing a weekly menu planner and it makes a huge difference, not only to organisation, but also to our waists. It is exciting planning what new meals I am going to try each week.
The kids are loving being in the garden at the moment. Even Ryley!


Happy Australia Day!
For the overseas readers, this is basically a day where we don't go to work, cook a BBQ (and eat sausages or lamb), drink a fair amount of alcohol and wave our Aussie flags.
We personally tend not to do much other than have a Barbie, or catch up with some friends. We have never been into going out amongst the drunken crowds to watch the fireworks. Not really my idea of fun.
This year has been no different. Some friends dropped in and we had a quiet beer, but that's about it.

I am glad we live in Australia, but I think most people forget that technically we 'stole' this land from the aborigines, so I'm not really sure what we are celebrating. But anyway. I can't wait until we are rich and we can buy the outback station I have been dreaming of (which is in the middle of Australia in case you are wondering). To me, the open plains is where the real Australia is. I don't like the City much, despite enjoying the shopping and the atmosphere of certain places. Even Ballarat is starting to feel too big for me.
But we can't move yet.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Been a while

Yeah. It has been a while between posts.
I have just been...well...too busy! We are still on school holidays here and they are fast becoming the longest holidays in the world.
We have done well up until now with only a few incidences of whinging (as seen in one of my earlier posts).
But it is starting to get a bit tricky to find things to do now.
But. We will press on. I am working 2 days this week and then the following week we have a heap of appointments so that should fill in some time (oh joy).

Here are some more holiday photos (that way I don't have to bother writing-sorry for the slackness).
Singing Happy Birthday again

The red tyrannosaurus rex birthday cake. As requested by Braeden.

Demolition time!

Um...Dad...I like that it is a Ryley sized door and all...but um..what happens when I grow??

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Floods in QLD

As most people around the world know by now, QLD are currently suffering through some of the worst floods in Australia's history. People have lost their lives and so many thousands of people of lost their homes.
There are several of our WHS families who are living in the flood areas and have sustained damage to their homes. Thankfully, they are all safe.
As a WHS community, we are very close and take great care to look out for each other. We are like an extended family. All of our thoughts are currently with the Rackley family in Murphy's Creek, the Carr family in Ipswich and the MacNamaras who are near Ipswich. Please keep them and everyone else in your prayers.

Happy 3rd Birthday Braeden (Dear Braeden)

Today, my beautiful Braeden turned 3. Hard to believe it really.
I am so proud of him. He is like a little sponge at the moment, soaking up everything. I will never ever get sick of how quickly he learns things!
He has had a great day today, just hanging out at home playing with his presents, watching some TV, seeing his Nan and Grumpy David plaster.
Every year, as part of this blog, I want to write a letter to each of my boys on their birthday.
Here is this years.

Dear Braeden,

What a year! It has flown past so quickly! I was so excited to see your face this morning when you saw all your presents. I have never seen you so excited before!! You jumped up and down and squealed when you saw all those presents for you.
You have made us so proud this year. We love how you find joy in the smallest things. You ask us about everything and want to learn learn learn. We love how you help your brother, but at times, we know he annoys you, like all brothers do. We don't mind if you two fight sometimes, it's ok, we won't get mad unless you start kicking or hitting too hard. Then you are in trouble!!
I can't believe we are still breastfeeding either! I know you are starting to wean and that you will miss your "more", but you will find comfort in other things and I will still always be here for your cuddles.
More than anything Braeden, I hope you are happy and that you never feel left out. We try really hard to have a balance in our lives and to make sure both you and Ryley have your needs met. So far, so good, but we will probably have some bumps along the way this year as we have so many medical appointments to go to for Ryley. We will always teach you to speak up and tell us if you are feeling left out, or upset. You are both as important to us as each other. We love you both so very much.
Braeden, you are the light of our lives. You bring us laughter, joy and happiness every single day.
We could not be more prouder of you.

Lots of Love from Mum and Dad xxxooo

Finally, here are some pics of the birthday boy:
Small birthday cake only for today. The big one is still to come.

Oooh a fishing rod! Can we go now Dad??

His new bike. Prefers his dinosaur figurines though.

His "castle" as he calls it. Present from Ryley

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ryley had his first day of holiday program today.
And I admit, I had some tears AGAIN after dropping him off.
(What the hell is with ME??)
It is really hard to drop him off and place him in other people's care. Really hard.
I have been reflecting a bit on this today and trying to figure out if it is just me being stupid, but I don't think it is.
Something I have noticed over the past few weeks of holidays is that I do an awful lot for Ryley without thinking twice. I have only noticed it because I have had to check with David a few times if he has done certain things and it hadn't occurred to him.
For example.  Ryley gets extremely sweaty when it is hot. In fact, he gets extremely sweaty just when he is excited about something or exerts himself.
Automatically every morning, I put a powder under his arms because he gets a sweat rash. The powder keeps him comfortable during the day. David has been dressing him each day, and I have found myself (irritatingly so I am sure) rechecking and then reminding David about the powder. By the time I check everything, I might as well have dressed him myself (and quite possibly have been told that too...ha!).
I have been thinking of writing out a list of everything Ryley needs to be done every day, but think it would be too exhausting to think about.

When I picked Ryley up today from his day out, he had a dirty nappy which hadn't been changed all day. In all fairness, he must have done the dirty nappy while travelling on a bus, so it would have been difficult to change him, but in 6 hours, he still has a wet nappy.
It is reasons like this that makes me hesitant to let him go anywhere.
I know that I think of everything. I constantly check him. Make sure he has his drink, doesn't need a nappy change, isn't covered in sweat rashes from head to toe.
The thing is, he can't tell anyone. He just has to grin and bear it. Until he gets home. Then he crumbles in a heap and sobs while I change his irritated bottom.
(Before anyone asks, I didn't get a chance to tell anyone about the nappy. I will tell them Friday when he is next at the program. The people who run this program work at the same agency I do and they are fantastic at what they do, and I know will appreciate me telling them, and will make sure it doesn't happen again. So I don't want it to seem as though I am criticising them at all, because they do an AWESOME job).

Off topic a bit, tonight David and I noticed under Ryley's arms what looks like the beginnings of hair growing. I know the research suggests that people with WHS often start puberty early, but really? I guess Ryley is 9 next month, so it is possible. Is there anyone out there with an older WHS boy who can help me out here?? Guess I will put that question down on my list for Dr Carey!

So back to my topic of why I am so nervous about allowing other people to care for Ryley.
I just am.
I am his mother.
Part of my job is to protect him.
But part of it is also to allow him to live his life. Which is why I will keep sending him to his holiday program.
He loves going.
He saw two of his mates from school and went straight up and said "hi" (well, not a spoken word, but a wave). He is comfortable around his friends. He just likes being around people full stop.
I could never take that away from him because I have worked so hard to help him achieve that level of independence, so despite my stupid fears and worries, I need to ignore them and not let him be affected by them.

You should have seen the look he gave me when he saw me waiting for him. It was a mix of embarrassment and utter anger. If he could talk, his look would have said "Piss off Mum, I'm not ready to go home yet".
That is enough for me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just 'Cos

Haven't done a Just 'Cos for a while so here is a few pics from our Summer fun so far!
Trampoline fun with cousin Talia

Ryley and Braeden ready to go to Ryley's school concert

Creating art pieces for Nan and Grumpy

Practising to be in Australia's Test Team

Santa has been!!

Enjoying the wading pool.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How's those holidays going for you?

Ours are starting to go a little downhill.
It's not that we aren't loving being on holidays. Oh no.
It's just that, well, boredom has started to kick in for Ryley, and that's when the trouble starts.
I am a little wiser now, and he does have 3 days of holiday program coming up (why didn't I ask for more????) and that will help alleviate some of that boredom, but crikey, that child of mine sure likes to let us know how bored he is!
You all know about his famous whinge-right?
Well it's back.
With a vengeance!!!!
I don't blame him. We are spending our time trying to clean and organise the house and shed.
But, in all fairness, I have taken him shopping most of the day today, and STILL, he is moaning!
Playschool? Over it.
Trampoline? Over it.
Swing? Yep, you guessed it, over it.
OK, what about driving in the car, checking out what everyone else is doing? Over it.

Tomorrow, I am heading out to a friends place then taking Ryley to Melbourne to Ikea. He will love it (I hope?!). Then his cousin Talia is coming to stay, so he was pretty excited to hear that. With a bit of luck (and planning) we might get through these holidays...

PS. I have edited this to add: I am secretly actually really happy that Ryley is bored, because it means that he is feeling well within himself, which is FANTASTIC! He is still coughing and he vomited again through the night last night, but it is a really good sign when he is bored!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

So, it's a new year.
Nothing much has changed except for the fact that I am trying to clean out the house of old toys and clothes and I seem to be getting nowhere.
Two trailerloads of rubbish have gone already, as well as a bootload of stuff for the salvos. As I look around all I can see is stuff scattered throughout the house and shed.
I hate that you have to make mess to clean up (or is that just me??).
Ryley is bored to the max too. I had to resort to taking him for a drive around town this arvo because he was pinching me so hard that either I had to take him out in the car or lock him in his room. I chose the former.

For those that live in Australia that read my blog, what is with this weather??? Floods in QLD, Heatwaves in WA, and stupid strange weather in VIC. Although the weather is always strange in VIC, so not sure what my point is. The weather feels like Spring here. Gorgeous sunshine, but I want a few more degrees. I am over the cold (mind you, give me a week of hot weather and I will be complaining that I miss the cold, you watch).

Hope you all had a safe and happy new year. I am not confident that this year is going to be a good one and I hope I am eating my words this time next year. Sometimes I just get a feeling, ya know. But we WON'T go there today. I will think positive. I will think positive!


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